About Andrea Palmer

About Andrea Palmer

Andrea Palmer is an experienced commercial photographer providing images for all your business needs. Read about her photographic experience and background...

Hello I’m Andrea,

I’ve been a professional freelance photographer for over nine years. Working closely with all my clients I offer high quality commercial photography in Nottingham and surrounding areas.

Why I Became A Photographer

I've always been interested in art and imagery, so in 2002 I took the plunge to formally study Art and Design. This gave me the portfolio I needed to undertake further study, which enabled me to complete a photography degree at Nottingham Trent University. I then set up my freelance commercial photography business in the heart of Nottingham.

Hand on heart, I can honestly say I love my job. It satisfies my creative juices and brings me into contact with a lots of interesting people. Long gone are the days of clocking in and out. My career takes me far and wide to the unusual and fascinating; it gives me the freedom to create meaningful photography for companies and individuals.

My Clients

I work with small and medium sized companies to help them showcase themselves, their services and / or products.

Over the years I've worked with a diverse range of businesses. Often, this requires me to think outside the box. That's ok, because I love a challenge and the chance to get really creative.

Much of my work involves working with business people in their work environment as this is often more convenient for them. Alternatively I have a small studio which is used for individual portraits and product photography.

Lasting Relationships

Working on an ongoing basis with many of my clients; my aim is to make long lasting and sustainable relationships. Find out what my clients say in latest testimonials.

If you're a returning client? I offer special rates

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