Photography Tuition / Courses

Photography Tuition / Courses

Learn Essential Skills in Photography

Photography tuition and courses which help you to master your camera, learn new skills in photography and create beautiful images you'll be proud of.

Photography Tuition

Do you want to be able to get off auto mode and really learn how to get creative with your camera?

Do you want to learn how to take great portraits of your family?

Do you have a digital camera but find it hard to understand?

I offer beginners and improvers photography classes

What you'll learn

  1. For beginners or improvers
  2. Each one to one course focuses on what you want to learn e.g. portrait, landscape, still life, products
  3. Learn how to get of auto mode and use the best camera settings to suit your subject
  4. Learn the importance of understanding light
  5. Learn how to utilise available light and use reflectors
  6. Hands on learning in the studio and/or on location
  7. Info sheets and videos to back up what you have learnt

Photography Course - 2 hour Tuition

One-off 2 hour lesson for beginners / improvers

Andrea can taylor the lesson to suit your photography interests

Tuition Price: £99

Christmas offer: £65 (If booked before 30th Dec 2019)

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Photography Course - 6 hour Tuition

Tuition Price: £499

Christmas offer: £350 (If booked before 30th Dec 2019)

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This was an amazing experience. From the preparation, beforehand to get me to focus on what I wanted to achieve. When I then needed guidance, you were really patient and made me feel more competent.
I was out of my comfort zone and I sensed it. However, you reassured me and paid me multiple compliments on my ability and creativity.
It is said that the best teachers show you where to look but not what to see.
You're an amazing teacher.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Warren Powell